One day, you will look back and see that all along you were blooming.

Morgan Harper Nichols

Flowers take time to bloom, they need space, sunlight, water; and so do you. You need time to grow into the individual you want to become. Manage through the dirt, the pain. Once you learn, you see that you are turning into a beautiful ‘ flower. ‘

Some days you can’t imagine yourself making it through the day. The dirt is pushing you down more and more. Even though everything you have been through, you have made it and you will find your sunshine. Keep ongoing. You are planted; to bloom into the person you are meant to become.

Your sunlight and water are the people around you, your surroundings. Good people transform you into a flower, flourishing into a happy you. When you are around toxic people, you become one. You are your environment.

Looking back, I realized I kept blaming the people around me, I kept telling myself that I am not the issue. But I was, I had to change what I am. I had to remove myself from the dirt I was unable to grow in. They were feeding me with toxins, making me wilt and dry out, draining me from all energy I had. They relied on me to give them water, be their sunshine. It left me no time to take care of myself. My cup of attention was always empty at the end of the day when it came to looking after myself.

Self-care: doing the things that make you feel more like yourself.

Robyn Conley Down

If it is no longer serving you happiness, you have no need sitting at that table

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